Review: Logitech Alto Connect

Review: Logitech Alto Connect
Review: Logitech Alto Connect

Most of us who use a laptop are doing something wrong. You may not realise it, but you're usually looking down at the laptop screen and causing neck strain. This is obviously not healthy so Logitech have come up with a way of making your neck a much happier part of your body.

The Logitech Alto Connect is a laptop stand that's easy to put together and provides you with an elevated viewing angle for your laptop display while also raising your keyboard for better comfort. The advantage of course to have your laptop's screen presented to you at a higher point is that you don't actually need to buy or plug in an external monitor.

This is of course pretty cool and the Alto Connect Notebook Stand has the added bonus of including a powered 4-port USB hub. You get a USB cable to plug in to your computer with three USB ports on the back of the stand and one on the front labelled "Media". You don't have to plug in media based devices into it, mind you, it's merely there for your convenience.

Now so far this is a pretty cool device. It has an interesting look to it and has a lot of functionality. We even set up our test laptop with an Xbox controller and played games from afar which was a lot easier with the raised laptop.

But it's the recommended retail price and the design of this thing where it all starts to get fuzzy.

The Alto Connect competes with its sibling the Alto Express. Now while the Alto Connect can be pulled apart and does feature a powered USB hub, it actually doesn't look as good as the Alto Express. It's also more expensive.

The Alto Connect has an RRP of $149 while the Alto Express has an RRP of $39.95. While we haven't tested the Alto Express, it does have a much more stylish design than what we're seeing on the Alto Connect, and with a forty buck RRP for a notebook stand, that makes the USB portion of the Alto Connect cost possibly near a hundred dollars based off of the RRP.

Now of course, I'm comparing two different products. We haven't actually tested the Alto Express and of course the Alto Connect can be pulled apart and then put together in two easy to carry parts.

The USB ports though aren't much to write home about. Three of them sit on the back of the stand making them more of a hassle to get around to. It would have made more sense if they were all on the front or sides of the stand, but having them on the back just makes it as irritating as when I have to plug USB devices into the back of my laptop anyway.

In the end, what you have is an overpriced USB hub with stand functionality. If it were me who were looking at buying this, I'd probably try out the Alto Express and then look at a USB hub on the side. Sadly, a 4-port USB hub doesn't exactly justify the extra one hundred dollar difference.

Product: Logitech Alto Connect

Vendor: Logitech

RRP: $149

Website: Logitech (Australia)

Reviewed by Leigh D. Stark

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