Review: HP TouchSmart IQ770

Review: HP TouchSmart IQ770
Review: HP TouchSmart IQ770

This week we’re looking at a new computer, the HP TouchSmart IQ770. Now the TouchSmart is a new type of computer mixing style with functionality for the home market.

If you find that Mum & Dad are having too much trouble using the mouse or keyboard, the HP TouchSmart uses a touch screen. Different to touch screens you might have seen in the past, this one uses two cameras to watch where your fingers go. This means that instead of using a less dynamic touch screen, HP were able to use a vibrant display and encase it behind heavy plastic to give you a great looking and well-built display.

The display isn't the only "well-built" part. The entire unit is high class in its design and build quality. Weighing in at around 17 kilos, the TouchSmart sports a dual-core chip, 2 gigs of memory, a Geforce Go 7600 with 256 megs of ram on-board, a 320gb hard disk, a slot-loading Lightscribe DVD burner as well as speakers, Firewire, wireless LAN, gigabit networking, an HD tuner, a webcam, microphone and the 19 inch Touch Enabled Brightview LCD. Really, the TouchSmart comes decked out for users of any sort.

Most of the hardware actually comes from a laptop which helps to make the TouchSmart a very compact design. It has a lot of size, but the design of the screen and body makes it all feel contained within its own little space. Some of the other features include expandable hard drive bays, a ledge and ports for HP photo printers, and more.

Hardware wise, the HP TouchSmart isn't the best computer on the market. It has enough to let you play some games, record some TV, watch DVD’s, and listen to music. It's also an easy computer for anyone in the family, mum or grand mum, to use.

In fact, it even features some software to make it easy for you to keep track of notes, calendar entries, pictures and for you to watch TV without needing to become a techie yourself.

The TouchSmart will let you down in a couple of areas if you buy it for the wrong reasons. It doesn't have a lot of grunt so don't buy it expecting to run all the latest games at the best settings. It also doesn't seem to let you take a picture of yourself with the in-built camera nor can do you password hide notes meant for other people with HP's software.

You may have seen the ad campaign with Shrek that basically says "Fit For A King" with a picture of the TouchSmart and DreamWorks' animated ogre. Well, the TouchSmart might just be fit for a king, but you're also going to need to be a king to buy it. While it may be built to last, it's also somewhat costly coming in with a Recommended Retail Price just $3699.

Still, if you're looking for something that will survive your family and is easy to use, it's actually a really interesting computer to have.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Very attractive
  • Screen is vibrant and very easy to use


  • Expensive
  • Can be very slow at points
  • Software has some strange quirks

Product: HP TouchSmart IQ770

Vendor: HP Australia

RRP: $3699

Website: HP TouchSmart

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