Review: Creative Aurvana DJ

Review: Creative Aurvana DJ
Review: Creative Aurvana DJ

If you're just getting into DJ-ing and audio production, the world is probably passing you by. You're seeing sound cards and software and all sorts of gadgets.

Well if no one's told you yet, you're going to need a pair of headphones you can trust. Something that's comfortable and has great sound. But with all the brands out there like Sennheiser, Shure, BeyerDynamic and many more, how do you choose a pair you can trust?

Today we're looking at a pair of headphones from Creative called the Aurvana DJ. These headphones feature reversible cups, comfy leatherette pads, and are circumaural. If you're new to the field, "circumaural" means that your ears sit inside the headphone cups as opposed to "supra-aural" which is where the headphones sit on top of your ears, something a lot of headphones seem to adopt.

Now you're probably sitting there saying to yourself, "how do you go about telling someone how a headphone sounds like" and the answer is it's not very easy.

But what we can say should help people new to the field of good quality headphones. The Creative Aurvana DJ headphones have good quality sound. We found that they canceled noise out pretty effectively by producing what we thought was a good seal.

We quite liked the trebles and the mids and while we found the bass lacking at times, we're actually thinking it may have been the mp3 players we had been testing at the time.

Overall, they were reasonably impressive. With a brushed steel surface on the outside, the Aurvana DJ's have a nice look to them. From what we can tell, these would be an excellent pair of headphones for a beginner DJ who's just getting into the world of audio production and wants a brand they can trust.

Product: Creative Aurvana DJ

Vendor: Creative

RRP: $129.95

Website: Creative Aurvana DJ

Reviewed by Leigh D. Stark

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