Review: Argo PC/3D

Review: Argo PC/3D
Review: Argo PC/3D

If you grew up with computers or video games, chances are you heard all about the world of virtual reality.
Virtual Reality or VR as it's more commonly known allowed you to basically wear a screen like a pair of sunglasses that would immerse you in the action. Well, Argo have brought it back to the masses with their new line of virtual reality headsets and we decided to check one out.

The Argo PC 3-D One can best be described as a thick red set of sunnies with a set of earphones on the side, a wire on a corner, and a small LCD for each eye. Now to understand what goes on with VR headsets you need to know that the two LCD's so close to your eyes create the illusion that you're up close in front of a big screen.

The Argo PC 3-D has been designed however to take advantage of Nvidia 3D cards which feature a stereoscopic mode to emulate true 3D if the game permits. What you're left with is a VR headset that can take immerse you into what's shown on an iPod, a DVD player, a video game console, or a computer.

This means that you can plug an Xbox 360 into the Argo and play Halo as if you really were Master Chief. And it works well to a degree. If you're only into playing games for ten minutes at a time, the Argo is fine. Anything longer than that and your eyes will actually start to hurt.

And that's ultimately the problem with the Argo as it doesn't support resolutions higher than a 480 height. This means that your computer resolution requires an ancient 640x480. While it's suggested by the manual that your Xbox 360 runs at the same resolution, we found it runs clearer at 848x480.

The Argo's greatest weakness is that you're paying for decade old technology put into a newer design. It does work with practically any system but then you have to deal with the Argo's LCD screens which ultimately need to be a lot brighter to be of any use.

If all of this is cool with you then you should feel good with knowing that virtual reality is now within your reach and available now with a recommended retail price of 499.

Product: Argo PC/3D

Vendor: 22Moo International

RRP: $499

Website: Argo PC/3D

Reviewed by Leigh D. Stark

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