JBL Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphones

By Steve Cunningham
JBL Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphones

JBL has teamed up with Under Amour to produce wireless headphones that can be bluetoothed to any of your devices such as mobile phone, tablet or PC. Although designed for the sports market, the headphones can be used generically for watching videos on your laptop, or listening to music as you mooch around the home.
Set up is easy. You turn them on and they will automatically sync to any of the surrounding devices, which is handy if you want sounds as you go for a run or do a work out. The specifications state that you can be up to 30m from your device and it should still work. However, I found that true only if the headphones are in a direct line with the device. If there is anything in between, then there is interference.
Overall, the build is solid. You are provided with four sets of earplug covers of different sizes, so there should be a size to fit all ears. The covers took some time to replace – very fiddly, which was annoying. However, the comfort level is quite high, which is usually one of my pet peeves with earbuds and headphones. The headphones themselves hook over your ear lobe, so when exercising they shouldn’t come off. I went for a long walk interspersed with some jogging and they held in place nicely.
Sound volume is okay. However, my older teenage son also gave them a short test and thought the volume didn’t go high enough.
The device doubles as a heart rate monitor, which is unsurprising in that it is designed for the sport market. I did find it a bit annoying that heart rate updates were piped through the headset as I was watching a YouTube video. There didn’t seem to be any way of stopping this happening, but I’m sure if I spend some time troubleshooting there might be a solution. However, not being the most patient of people, I didn’t bother trying to find out.
I was surprised they didn’t come charged, and the battery does take a while before it is fully up and ready to go. It lasted almost five hours with me at a reasonably high volume. The specs say it should last five hours, so it was about right.
They are rated to IPX5 which means they are not fully waterproof but should survive a light shower. 
By Steve Cunningham

Cybershack Score - rating backgroundrating 4

Good sound qualityCould have higher volume
Good buildBattery life could be better
Easy to useHeart rate alerts sometimes interferes with sound

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