HTC’s U Ultra Review

HTC U Ultra smartphone
HTC’s U Ultra Review

It ‘s the biggest smartphone HTC has ever made, but at the same time, it may just also be the best, writes Milo Boyd.
OK so where to start?  Well, to begin with, the HTC U Ultra has a 5.7-inch screen giving it about the size of an iPhone 7 Plus, but somewhat lighter.
In fact, the rounded smooth glass edges and overall finish make it easy to hold, despite its rather big size.
Then there are two screens - the main 5.7-inch LCD screen plus a secondary 2-inch screen that sits just above it.
Known as the ‘supplementary display’ in some circles, it is designed will show notifications, shortcuts, apps and contacts.
Short text messages can also be shown and while the screen is always on by default, it seems not to bother the users any great deal- in fact you get used to it pretty quickly.
All the good stuff
In terms of tech specs, the HTC U Ultra has 64GB storage, 4GB RAM, a sleek 3000mAh embedded battery, fingerprint security reader, a Snapdragon 821 processor 12MP back camera, 16MP front camera, and runs on Android 7.0.
In other words, it’s got everything you need and then some. And then there are the speakers- also known as external speakers with BoomSound- these are very nice to say the least and really great if you like using the phone as your radio/ Hi-Fi system as well.
With the right phone provider, the HTC U Ultra is a real pleasure to use and a stylish addition to our ever-growing list tech gadgets we are all forced to carry.
What gets on our goat?
There is not much that annoyed us about this Ultra however a few things stood out.
For starters, the phone feels very light- like it may blow away in the wind light.
Then it is prone to scratch and smudges rather easily, and lastly, there is the now (sadly increasingly commonplace) lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack, and lastly, like many HTC mobiles of days past, the Ultra has a smallish battery – which in real world terms means less phone life.  
So how does the HTC U Ultra really stack up?
OK, so in the real world of phone users, the HTC U Ultra comes with a USB-C port and a pair of Hi-Res earphones meaning yes, you can listen to music with this phone in private and on your own.
The two cameras provide stunning pictures and the battery, while on the more petit side, will give you 24 hours worth of phone time, even if you are running everything at high res.
And despite the Ultra’s large size yet apparent lightness, it is an easy phone to hold, carry and use, not to mention it also looks cooler than just about any other phone on currently on the market.
In other words, HTC has once again delivered the goods with its Ultra U smartphone.

Cybershack Score - rating backgroundrating 4

SleekScratches easily
LightVery large
2 screensAverage battery life

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