Australian Review: Antlion ModMic 5 - Premium Sound

Australian Review: Antlion ModMic 5 - Premium Sound

Have you got a really nice pair of headphones for listening to music, but a cheap headset for voice chat? Antlion’s ModMic is an elegant solution to using a pair of hi-fi headphones for voice communication while gaming. It’s a high quality microphone that can attach to virtually any pair of headphones, turning them into a makeshift headset. The new version, the ModMic 5, has a few improvements over the old model.

ModMic comes with a few magnetic attachment pieces, the microphone itself, long and short cables, an inline mute switch and a few alcohol swabs, all packaged neatly in a storage case. Attaching the microphone to any pair of headphones is easy; do a test fitting of where you want the microphone to sit, remove the cover from the pre-fitted double sided tape, attach the piece to your favoured pair of headphones, and fit the microphone magnetically.

The new ModMic features an optional cable - either a long or short version - with the ability to add an inline mute switch. The cable can be secured to your headphones’ cable with the use of two plastic clips that are included. It makes the headphone cable slightly bulkier, but it’s not a major problem in normal use.

While the previous version came in two types (omnidirectional or cardioid), ModMic 5 has a switch to be able to use either type. Omnidirectional will provide slightly better audio quality at the cost of picking up more external noise, so if you’re a fan of mechanical keyboards, you might want to leave the microphone in cardioid mode for your Discord buddies’ sake.

The ModMic mount is unchanged from the previous version, offering you four options for positioning the microphone, allowing you to easily move it up and out of the way when it’s not needed. The microphone doesn’t budge in normal use, although the impact of placing my headphones down would occasionally dislodge it. Additionally I’ve had some trouble with the mount’s double sided tape coming unstuck from my headphones, although your mileage may vary depending on what sort of headphones you’re attaching the microphone to.

ModMic 4 had excellent sound quality, and the new version is no different. The biggest benefit comes when you’ve got a nice set of headphones to attach the ModMic to, providing great sound quality and adding a microphone to it. I fell in love with the old version, and the new version offers the same experience, particularly while attached to my Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro headphones.

ModMic 5 performs great and is an excellent alternative to gaming headsets if you’d like the benefits of your good quality headphones but need voice communication. Retailing at AUD$99 from local stores, it’s not a cheap solution, but it provides high quality audio in an easy to use form factor.

Cybershack Score - rating backgroundrating 4.5

Easy to useTape may come unstuck
Excellent sound qualitySlightly bulky cable
Improvements over previous version

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