Top 5 things to download on Vodafone this weekend

Top 5 things to download on Vodafone this weekend
Top 5 things to download on Vodafone this weekend

By Alex Choros

Vodafone has given their customers unlimited data this weekend (available from midnight tonight until 3am Monday) as an apology for the sickie their network took yesterday. This is available fot both post-paid and pre-paid customers, so it's possible to turn a $22 SIM card into over $180,000 in value!! As soon as we heard this, we thought "wow", what could we do with all of data?

In our speed test of Vodafone's 4G network, we were easily reaching speeds of 100 megabits a second, which is roughly equivalent to 10 megabytes a second. If you're able to constantly get those kind of connection speeds, it would be theoretically possible to about 1800 gigabytes over the free period. Vodafone currently bill excess data usage at 10 cents a megabyte, providing the equivalent of $184,320.00 in value.

So here are a few ideas on how to the make the most of your weekend!

5. Linux
Been wanting to ditch Windows and give Linux the go? Now is the perfect time. Ubuntu, one of the most popular Linux distributions is approximately a 1 gigabyte download.

Download size: 1 gigabyte
Value: $102.40

4. Software Updates
While it’s not much fun keeping software up to date, it does keep your computer safe. iTunes, Chrome and Windows aren't just nagging you for the sake of it. Unlimited data is a great reason to get everything up to date, without cutting into the data use for fun.

Download Size: Between 70 megabytes and 5 gigabytes
Value: Between $7.00 and $512.00

3. Game of Thrones season 4
Game of Thrones season 4 is finally out on Google Play, and as expected, it's amazing! What better way to spend a weekend then binging on the epic fantasy drama?

Download size: 10 gigabytes
Value: $1024.00

2. Adobe Creative Cloud 2014
Adobe just released the 2014 update to their Creative Cloud suite. An unlimited data weekend is the perfect time for creatives to ensure that they're running the latest and greatest versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Lightroom and more.

Download size: 16 gigabytes
Value: $1638.40

1. Video Games
The Steam Summer Sale is now on again, endangering wallets and credit cards everywhere. Almost the entire Steam catalogue is on sale, with large discounts on titles ranging from quirky indie games to big blockbuster titles. Some notable titles on sale are XCOM: Enemy Unknown (7 gigabytes), The Witcher 2 (16.3 gigabytes), BioShock Infinite (13 gigabytes) and Borderlands 2 (9 gigabytes). And with free unlimited downloads, you will certainly be getting bang for your buck!

Download Size: 45.3 gigabytes
Value: $4638.72

Do any of these sound good? Well find your nearest Vodafone tower, tether your phone to your computer and get downloading! We'd also love to hear your suggestions on how to burn through the remaining 1700 gigabytes! Let us known on Twitter or Facebook!

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