Cyber Shack TV Episode 4

Cyber Shack TV Episode 4

In our next episode of Cyber Shack, Fuzz puts her body on the line - twice. First, fighting Kung Fu style with the Australian Wu Shu Academy at the Chinese Gardens, in an attempt to properly review the brilliant fighting game Dead or Alive 4. Second, taking on the Sydney Kings in an even more brazen attempt to review NBA 2K6. Both times the body is broken... but that’s life on the frontline.

We also review Personal Media Players, iPod Speaker Docks, Noise Cancelling Headphones, a sensational portable DVD walkman, the Samsung D830 phone and a handy AV unit.

Fuzz and Mike go head to head in the Project Gotham Racing 3 State of Origin, and as always there’s your chance to win an Xbox 360.

For a sneek peak at the new episode, check out Cyber Shack TV Episode 4 trailer.

It’s the home of gadgets and gaming, Cyber Shack, on 10.

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