Review: Geometry Wars: Galaxies

Review: Geometry Wars: Galaxies
Review: Geometry Wars: Galaxies

Gamers on the Xbox 360 have been given the opportunity to play the "retro game with a modern twist" Geometry Wars for some time. Well now it's time to move over because the fun has been brought to the Wii and the DS and it's not just a straight conversion: things have changed.

Originally created as a bonus feature for the Project Gotham series of games, Geometry Wars became a runaway hit because of its styling and addictive gameplay. More like a Space Invaders-esque game out of the eighties, Geometry Wars kept the same formula but added fast-paced electronic music, glowing modern graphics, and made the game style more intense by more or less quadrupling the speed so that you just won't stop playing. As a result, you end up with one of the more addictive games on the planet.

Originally found as a bonus feature in the Xbox 360's Project Gotham Racing series garage, Bizarre Creations decided to bring this hit to both the Nintendo Wii and the DS and take advantage of each of their unique control schemes.

On the Wii, you get the choice between using the Wiimote and Nunchuk as well as the classic game pad that most people use for the Virtual Console games. Because of wide range of circular motion needed, the DS can only use the stylus and buttons to play. These sorts of control designs certainly shake up the formula, but we personally found that the classic game pad on the Wii made things the easiest. While we like how there are choices for control, a fast game like Geometry Wars seems better suited to more arcade like controls in the first place.

The controls aren't the only thing that's changed though. Missions have been added and both games feature the ability to play through several galaxies which will open up new weapons, enemies, and levels for you to choose from.

You also get multiplayer to beat or play with your friends in. On the Wii, this means you and a friend can either play on the same console or go online and play against each other. The DS sports similar multiplayer with DS gamers being able to play against each other.

The sound is still as vibrant as it ever wars with lasers and strange electronic explosions going off around you and the graphics look as good as ever on each system.

About the only problem you can cite with something like Geometry Wars Galaxies is that no matter how hard you try, it's still going to get boring over time. It's not a game like Tetris, a puzzler that you can play again and again. That's not to say Geometry Wars isn't fun but rather that it's probably best played in short bursts as its difficulty might make you hurdle your console out the nearest window.

If you end up with only the Wii version though and you have a Nintendo DS, be aware that the Wii version holds a secret. While the games can interact, the Wii version can also wirelessly send the full game to your DS at the flick of a button.

Features like the wireless interactivity and the easy-to-get-into bursts of play make Geometry Wars Galaxies an excellent title for anyone with either a Wii or a DS to own. Whether you're in the mood for some polygonal decimation on the go or at home, Geometry Wars is a classic title that everyone should play at least once.

Should you buy it?: If you don't own an Xbox 360 and you love arcade games, this is a good buy. If you do own the Xbox 360, but the game on Xbox Live instead.

Developer: Kuju Entertainment
Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
Classification: G
Formats: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS
URL: Geometry Wars: Galaxies

Reviewed by Leigh D. Stark

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