Review: FarCry 3 – Xbox 360

Review: FarCry 3 – Xbox 360
Review: FarCry 3 – Xbox 360

By Wayne Webb

It’s not often that a game that is a mash up of other successful games exceeds the sum of its parts. Usually it becomes a Frankenstein’s Monster of all the worst parts, but that is not the case with FarCry 3. Instead, what we have is still a monster of a game, but with all the best elements combined to make it a cracker.

It’s hard to categorize this game as it successfully crosses multiple genres and shines in each one of them. There are RPG elements, FPS sections, driving skills, crafting mechanisms, open world roaming, missions and more. Driving it all is a deep and engaged storyline with good characters and random insanity for good measure.  I think of FarCry 3 as part Skyrim, part Assassin’s Creed, part GTA and Fallout – all rolled into one all-consuming masterpiece.

The storyline is epic, and the world it is set in is massive. The island paradise with seedy drug dealers, mystic tribes people and populated with a zoo register full of wild animals is impressively detailed. This world alone is worth the price of admission, but coupled with the desperate storyline of survival and personal growth, it propels you forward at your own pace. The story is peppered with salty language and trippy, drug-fueled scenes but that serves the main narrative well. You are one of a group of rich kids taken hostage by a mad drug lord so of course death and mayhem ensue. You escape and take shelter with locals who drug then tattoo you into a revenge machine bent on saving your friends and liberating the island from the evil drug lords.

You need to survive, explore and grow to win at this game. As mentioned, you can plod along at your own pace, but without XP you won’t be able to develop skills and new items that seriously enhance your chances at survival. The mystic elements are clichés but they suit the semi-voodoo nature of the island’s back-story. The linking scenes provide plenty of motivation and while the kidnapping and brutality are there, this does not seem as bleak and unhopeful as some of last year’s other blockbuster shooters.                                     

FarCry 3 is a massive game and while the story does move at a pace, the sheer scope of completing everything and finding all the hidden depths then fully exploring them is almost endless. The random nature of the environment and sheer scope makes this a game definitely worth your time.

Pros: Huge Game, beautiful detail, loads to see and do, excellent value for money, story and acting top notch, full of action.
Cons: Salty language and drug use

5 Shacks Out Of 5

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