CES 2014 in Review

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From virtual reality, to WiFi connected toothbrushes, to smart fridges and aerial drones, the world’s largest technology show - CES 2014, didn’t disappoint.


Canopy’s Touch iPhone Case To Launch At CES

  • 10-point touch input
  • Standard protective iPhone case
  • Open for app developers

Canopy is unveiling its touch-sensitive Sensus iPhone case at CES this week. It delivers 10-point touch input across the back and sides that lets apps add interaction without blocking the screen.

Samsung Zones In On AV Updates With Wireless Connectivity For CES

  • Soundbar, known by model number HW-F750
  • Samsung's next portable wireless Bluetooth speaker, the DA-F60
  • 7.1 Channel Home Theatre System, the HT-F9750W

Samsung is focusing on wireless sound as it pumps up its digital audio line up. The company has made its announcement ahead of CES's official kick off.

Lenovo Goes Windows 8 Crazy At CES

  • Six new Ultrabooks and laptops
  • New desktops
  • A new display

Lenovo has brought its seemingly bottomless trunk of yummy Windows 8 gadgetry- pulling out new Ultrabooks, laptops, desktops and even a mobile display at CES 2013.

Pioneer At CES 2011

CES is not really the place to show off new cars, but it’s the best place to reveal new car accessories, and at the Pioneer stand, we got a glimpse into the future of motoring.

The head’s up display is a prototype and is Pioneer’s vision for the future, where looking down at your dash is officially old school.


So where’s the iPad killer?

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs must be at this very moment rubbing his hands with glee- with Apple set to release their next

Another day, another tablet at CES 2011

You know that 2011 will go down as the Year of the Tablet when companies that have rarely made a ripple at CES before

Which tablet is the best tablet?

As of this morning and at last count, there have been nearly 80 tablets released at CES 2011.

LG’s new OLED TV- small, slim and stunning

LG has released a number of innovative TV designs at CES 2011, among them is what is claimed as the the world’s slimm

CES brings Smart TV to our homes

In 2011, consumers will get to know a new phrase- ‘Smart TV’, meaning the humble box will never be the same.