Golfbuddy On Course To Give Exact Locations

The GolfBuddy WT3 GPS watch features Moveable Pin Technology to give the golfer precise information to exact hole positions; showing distances to all hazards on a course; and preloaded global courses which are verified on-foot for top-end accuracy, claims the manufacturer.

Wireless Walkman From Sony

Whether in the park, on the streets or skateboarding with mates, the new Walkman WH Series lets people play their music, their way. The new Walkman WH Series is a wireless digital music player that can be listened to via speakers or headphones.

Microsoft Send Out Warning About Xbox One

Microsoft has sent out a warning about its Xbox One, which is due for release in Australia on November 22. The compnay says that unlike its predecessor the Xbox 360, the One should not be placed vertically as it hasn’t been designed to do so. Microsoft’s Senior Director of Product Management and Planning Albert Panello told the GameSpot gaming website that "We don't support vertical orientation...

Nintendo Chairman Leaves Long Lasting Legacy

Microsoft and Sony owe a lot to Hiroshi Yamauchi, the former CEO and largest shareholder  of Nintendo, who passed away aged 85 on Friday. Without Yamauchi, it is arguable that there might not be a PlayStation or Xbox console as the canny Japanese businessman was largely responsible for the popularity of electronic gaming that swept the world in the early 1980s. 

Foxtel’s Presto Service For PCs and Macs – Not Tablets Yet

Foxtel’s Presto is a new online entertainment service offering a monthly pass to stream Foxtel movies, providing live and on demand access to Foxtel’s most popular movie content with a regularly updating collection of great films, ad-break-free for $24.99 a month. Presto’s launch, slated for later this year, aligns perfectly with the increasing appetite for movie content delivered over the internet across different devices.

Huge Number Of Complaints Over Woolies Scam

The ACCC is warning shoppers to watch out for a fake Woolworths customer satisfaction survey that asks for bank account details in exchange for a $150 gift voucher. There has been a surge in reports to the ACCC with 140 complaints received since the scam resurfaced at the start of September.

Telcos Scramble For Marketshare As iPhone 5c and 5s Hit Stores

Optus, Telstra and Vodafone have come out the blocks firing as the latest iPhones hit the shelves this morning. You guy buy the smartphones from the Yes Optus stores, which will open at 8am this morning in six key locations around Australia.

Review: The Last of Us (PS3)

The Last of Us is from Naughty Dog Studios, which brought us Crash Bandicoot on the PlayStation, Jak & Daxter on the PS2, Uncharted 1,2 & 3 on the PS3 and now The Last of Us. The common thread between all these games is not that they are good, but that they are great. The Last of Us is an addicting and thoroughly engaging game and story in one package.

Weight, Storage And Speed Key To New Sony Vaio

Sony’s Vaio red edition is claimed to deliver super charged performance with Intel Core i7 fourth generation processors, and is said to be the world’s lightest 13.3-inch touch Ultrabook that includes high speed 512GB PCIe SSD drive.The VAIO Pro 13 red edition also includes standard Sony features such as a full-size backlit and full-pitch keyboard, track pad...

Cheap Belkin Night Vision Cameras For Home Security

Belkin has launched its new NetCam Wifi camera with night vision and NetCam HD, allowing consumers to monitor their home from a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world, at a price that won't break the bank. Both NetCam models set up using any iOS or Android device and connect directly to a wifi router without the need of a computer. The free NetCam app allows uers to monitor their home remotely anytime, anywhere.