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Ricoh has created a single laser that is able to read discs in either format. Their new component will be able to read and write to Blu-ray, HD DVD, DVD and CD with one pickup and one objective lens.

Valve Software have released a teaser trailer of their upcoming Portal technology, which will also be released as a stand-alone action-puzzle game.

The technology allows for teleportation window creation in real-time, via a weapon that fires portal entry and exit points. Combined with Half-Life 2's (Source engine) revolutionary in-game physics, this makes for some staggering gameplay possibilities.

Click here to watch this amazing video of the technology in action.

User Reviews25 July 2006

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Australia's premier online gaming community, Cyber Slam, is hosting a Prey tournament with a grand prize of $20,000 and it will be launching on 11th September, 2006.

Go, Go, Gadget Arms!20 July 2006

UK scientists have developed technology that enables artificial limbs to be directly attached to a human skeleton.

Atari has agreed to sell the Driver franchise and most of developer Reflections' assets to Ubisoft in a deal worth EUR 19 million.

Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification has refused to grant forthcoming movie tie-in Reservoir Dogs a rating - thereby effectively banning the game from sale.