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Cyber Shack TV Episode 201 August 2006

In Cyber Shack TV Episode 2, we looked at the worlds biggest video game expo (E3), a slew of new electronic gadgets, the new AFL video game on PS2, the latest in High-Def Flat Panel screens and loads more. Make sure you check out all the items discussed in the show, on Cyber Shack TV Episode 2.

Coming up in Episode 3 of Cyber Shack TV, we take Cyber Shack TV to dizzying heights as we jump inside a real-life jet fighter and show you the latest jet fighter game available.

We also look at how you can make free phone calls over the internet... just how does it work and is it worth the extra savings?

Plus we check out the latest in noise-cancelling head phones and loads, loads more.

Cyber Shack Radio Show01 August 2006

Australia's most successful radio show about Gadgets and Games is the Cyber Shack, heard each week on over 90 radio stations across Australia. Hosted by Charlie Brown, the Cyber Shack radio show is one hour of reviews, previews and tips on the latest games, a sneak peak of new gadgets that are on their way and loads of discussion about the technology issues that are affecting you.

We track down the world's best authorities to talk to you about the technology and gaming issues that are affecting you. We also travel the world visiting countries in Europe, Asia and America talking to people and asking them the questions that you want answered.

Cyber Shack has been on air for over 5 years, and each year we enjoy bringing you the show even more.

Are you a listener of the Cyber Shack radio show? If you can't hear it on the radio in your local area then listen to our weekly podcast. You'll hear all the best of the Cyber Shack radio show but in a podcast version.

E3 to close down?01 August 2006

Recently, UK publication MCV reported that the future of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the game industry's biggest annual trade event, is under discussion by the Entertainment Software Association and major publishers. According to unnamed insiders, many publishers feel that the event has gotten far too big and unwieldy, not to mention costly.

Online news outlets were reporting that a final decision was to be forth-coming and nothing had been made final by the ESA. But in late breaking news, the ESA has now officially confirmed that the event has been downsized and is "evolving into a more intimate event focused on targeted, personalized meetings and activities".

European antitrust officials are investigating the licensing strategies of the companies behind HD-DVD and Blu-ray.

The European Commission is curious to know whether the licensing terms of the rival next-generation DVD formats could break EU competition rules.

HD-DVD was created by Toshiba, while Blu-ray was developed by a Sony-led consortium that includes Philips, Samsung and Sharp.

Last week, Motorola launched its first online-game-playing mobile phone, picking China for the initiative in a bid to tap into one of the world's top game markets.

The US firm, the world's second-biggest mobile phone maker, rolled out its E680G, a modified version of an existing gaming handset adapted to play online titles from Shanda Interactive Entertainment, a top Chinese game operator.

Ricoh has created a single laser that is able to read discs in either format. Their new component will be able to read and write to Blu-ray, HD DVD, DVD and CD with one pickup and one objective lens.

Valve Software have released a teaser trailer of their upcoming Portal technology, which will also be released as a stand-alone action-puzzle game.

The technology allows for teleportation window creation in real-time, via a weapon that fires portal entry and exit points. Combined with Half-Life 2's (Source engine) revolutionary in-game physics, this makes for some staggering gameplay possibilities.

Click here to watch this amazing video of the technology in action.

User Reviews25 July 2006

Have your say on the latest gadgets and games that come your way. Was something you bought recently a total lemon, or a total god-send? Vent your frustrations and sing your praises by submitting your own review to us (home-made pictures welcome).

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Australia's premier online gaming community, Cyber Slam, is hosting a Prey tournament with a grand prize of $20,000 and it will be launching on 11th September, 2006.

Go, Go, Gadget Arms!20 July 2006

UK scientists have developed technology that enables artificial limbs to be directly attached to a human skeleton.

Atari has agreed to sell the Driver franchise and most of developer Reflections' assets to Ubisoft in a deal worth EUR 19 million.

Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification has refused to grant forthcoming movie tie-in Reservoir Dogs a rating - thereby effectively banning the game from sale.